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Who are we?


Hi yall! My name is Laura and I am the owner and founder of WOOF-ie Pies, a bakery for pets and their people. I grew up in a small Irish-Italian family in Connecticut with a passion for cooking and baking. My mother and grandmother fostered this passion and helped it grow as we spent a majority of our times together in the kitchen. The dream to own a bakery/restaurant some day has always been with me. But how would it stand out from all of the other bakeries? What would get me noticed out of all the other amazing treats? WOOF! I present WOOF-ie Pies. We create recipes that are both pet friendly with all natural ingredients and without being packed with all of those preservatives and hard to pronounce additives. Our pet treats are no sugar or salt added and our people treats have the option to be as well. We hope that you and your furry friends enjoy all that we have to offer and would LOVE to hear from you if you have any suggestions for flavors or if you are looking for something in particular such as if you or your pet has an allergy. 

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